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Practice managemnt & soft skill enhancement


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Project-Based Learning is a flexible tool for framing given academic standards into curriculum flexible tool for framing.

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Project-Based Learning is a flexible tool for framing given academic standards into curriculum flexible tool for framing.

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In this modern age, there is tremendous competition in each and every field….dentistry is even more populated in this regard. With more than 10000 new dentists graduating every year, things are set to go worst. How to cope with the same? What is my future as a dentist? What about my finances in this growing inflationary environment? There can be numerous such questions that may add on to already existing stress of ours.

Friends, doesn't worry…Throw away all your questions…Forget all your tensions…There is some permanent, realistic & concrete solution to this. I have this 'magic training course' in which you will not only learn various ways to tackle the competition but believe me; we can actually prove you that there is no competition in this world!!........ Don't believe us? Join us, try it once and you will soon join the club of 'Where is the competition?'

Practice Management
The course modules are as follows:-

Discover yourself > Realize what exactly success means to you & how to go for it

Where is the competition? > Unbelievable ways that actually prove that there is no competition in the world

SWOT analysis > Analyze your own Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

Practice management > Many in-depth ideas about presentation skills & management skills to grow your practice multi fold

Conceptual selling > Use this management theme to shoot up your dental practice

Power of words > The importance & huge importance of communication skill in dental practice

Goal setting > Realize, set and design the roadmap to achieve the goals of dentistry/life

Time management > The much needed secrets as nobody has time in this world!

Principles of financial management & wealth creation > Become your own 'money manager' proactively

Hard work Vs Smart work > The 'real secret' of increasing productivity & performance

Use of technology in dental practice > Learn how to use it effectively for the benefit of your dental practice

Stress management > Tips to improve & maintain the best of physical, mental & spiritual health and peace of mind

Possibility thinking >Principle of 'Think big' and its relevance in our dental practice

Course fee :-

RS.18,880/- including 18% gst

Includes breakfast , Lucnh, am/pm Tea, Study Materials