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Vocational Counselling

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This 7 day course will help you learn and understand the surgical and prosthetic protocols you need to know while dealing with straightforward cases needing Implants to replace teeth. It covers all aspects of risk assessment pre prosthetic planning, infection control, variable drilling protocols, restorative materials and designs and basic principles of guided bone regeneration. By the end of the course, each participant will have placed an implant and restored the case.

At the end of the course you will understand:

The science and Biomechanics involved in Oral Implantology
To identify and execute straight forward cases

Various Implant systems: Their pros and cons
Prosthetically driven implant placement and treatment planning
To place and restore at least one implant in a patient during the course
Implant training in the esthetic zone, overdentures and considerations (partially and fully edentulous situations) for fixed restorations on implants
Biomaterials and technical aspects of bone manipulation: Indirect Sinus lifts, GBR, bone expansions, ridge splits
Marketing implants and Case documentation/photography

DAY – 1

1.   Kick Start Your Implant Practice.

2.   Osseointegration: A Cellular phenomenon.

3.   Bone: The Crucial Substrate; Anatomy/Physiology.

4.   Medical Screening: Achieve Risk Free Surgery.

5.   Is Your Clinic Ready For Implants: Technical Details Of Infection Control.

6.   Implant Systems: Design and Prosthetic versatility.

7.   Timing Of Implant Placement: Current Status.

8.   Immediate Function: Where do We Stand.

DAY – 2

1.   Diagnosis: Evaluation Of Patients Record.

2.   The SAC Classification.

3.   Pre Prosthetic Planning: Wax ups and Stents.

4.   Quantitative Bone Assessment:

5.   Imaging, Classification and Measurements.

6.   The Surgical Appointment: Incision, Suturing, Complications.

7.   The Drilling Protocol: Demonstration.


Dummy Anatomic Jaw


Incision And Suturing

DAY – 3 & 4

1.   Thorough Evaluation Of Cases For Participants.

2.   Surgical Placement Of Implants By Participants.

3.   Video/Live Demonstration Of Various Implant Placement Scenario.

Critical Appraisal Of Surgical Module.

Module 2: Implant Restoration & Advanced Surgery

DAY – 1

1.   Revision Of Surgical Module.

2.   The Second Stage Surgery.

3.   Types Of Implant Prostheses .

4.   Force Factors: Comprehensive Assessment Of Load On Implants

5.   Loading Protocols: Immediate , Early , Delayed.

6.   Impression Procedures: Implant and Abutment Level


Impression Procedure

DAY – 2

1.   Prosthetic Components: Abutment Options.

2.   Provisionals In Implants.

3.   Implants In Esthetic Zone.

4.   Demonstration On Models: Post Extraction Implant Placement

5.   Implant Occlusion: The Final Frontier.

6.   Hands On : Getting Oriented With Prosthetic Components

7.   Full Case Presentations By Faculties: Partial and Fully Edentulous Situations

DAY – 3

1.   Impression Procedures And Prostheses Delivery By Participants.

2.   Dinner With Faculty.

3.   Minor Grafting And Implants : Biomaterials And Techniques.

4.   The Maxillary Sinus: Indirect And Direct Sinus Manipulation.

5.   Prosthetic Complications And Management.

6.   Long Term Maintenance Of Implant Cases.

7.   Failures- A Stepping Stone To Success.

8.   Documentation Of Implant Cases: Presentaions/Publications.

9.   Marketing Your Implant Practice: Getting More Patients Say Yes To Implant.

10.   Critical Appraisal Of Prosthetic Module.



Dr. Ali Tunkiwala

(M.D.S Prosthetic Dentistry)

With degrees and commendations from highly reputed colleges, a Diplomate Status of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a Fellowship status of the Indian Society of Oral Implantology and an Accredited Status by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Ali continues to strive to keep his knowledge in the field of dentistry up to date as per international standards. At Impart, he passes on that attitude to the young minds of today. He’s also a founder member and Co Director of the ITI Mumbai Seacoast Implant Study Club that nurtures and guides young clinicians towards ethical and evidence based implant dentistry. Having lectured on various aspects of prosthetic dentistry including occlusion, full mouth rehabilitation and implants, he presently maintains a Dental Practice focusing on Implants, Esthetics and Full mouth rehabilitation at Santacruz (West).


Dr. Udatta Kher

(M.D.S Oral Surgery)

Dr. Udatta Kher graduated from Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai in 1990 and followed that up with masters in Oral Surgery from the same institute. He maintains two practices at Pali Hill and Lokhandwala complex, Mumbai. His main focus in practice is towards implantology, laser dentistry and restorative dentistry. He is a visiting Professor in the 'Implantology Department' at SDM Dental College, Dharwad. He is the 'Study Club Director' for the Mumbai Seacoast Study Club of the 'International Team for Implantology'. He is also a registered 'ITI Speaker'. He is an Xpert on Dental XP, one of the largest portal for dental education in the world. He is the Director of 'Impart Education' an academy for guiding and nurturing clinicians towards evidence based dental practice.

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