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Student Guidance

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Student Guidance

Mentor - Dr. Rajiv Verma

1.   Hands-on of tooth preparation for various types of restorations like Full Metal,Facing's, PFM, Zirconia, Lithium Di-Silicate for Crowns & Bridges.

2.   DEMO.of shade taking.

3.   pre-operative impression making in both condensation &polyvinyl siloxane,materials.

4.   wax mock-upsg axis alignment.

5.   silicone indices & temporisation.

6.   gingival retraction.

7.   final impression & cementation of immediate composite temporary.

8.   Also master the technique of making restorations on tilted teeth, supra-erupted teeth (hands-on).

9.   Hands-on of how to get parallelism with the help of a 'D' protractor (semi-circle).

10.   Along with this learn the art & science of creating 'THE GREAT INDIAN SMILE' with Porcelain Veneers from preparation of teeth to cementation of porcelain laminate veneers all in hands-on format.

11.   Onlay & table tops.

12.   porcelain fragments.

13.   porcelain chips

14.   partial veneers.

15.   NID & MID concept.

16.   Introduction to DSD & SKYN CONCEPT.

17.   Lab communication.

The new course has a 100% demo. & hands-on pattern, interlaced with clinical knowledge & a huge bouquet of practical tips, along with the required dose of humor to help each participant relax & feel at home.

Personal care is taken in respect to food preference. Cabin temperature is maintained at 20° & special training is imparted to doctor's appearing for overseas examinations UK, USA, AUS, NZ, CANADA & OTHER COUNTRY.


1.   2-Hole airrotorhandpiece (NSK / UNIK / BEING FOSHAN ) GET 2 airrotor handpieces Preferably Push Button, IN GOOD CONDITION.

2.   TOTAL 11 TEETH - FOR DAY 1   PORCELAIN VENEER HANDS-ON COURSE - Upper - Both Centrals to 2nd Pre-Molar & Lower-Both Centrals to 1st Pre-Molar.

3.   TOTAL 8 TEETH - FOR DAY 2   CROWN PREPARATION BASIC HANDS-ON COURSE-Upper-Both Centrals and upto 2nd Molar. Mount 2nd pre-molar & 1st molar in supra-eruption (see email).

4.   TOTAL 11 TEETH - FOR DAY 3   FIXED PROSTHODONTICS ADVANCED preps- Lower - Both Lateral Incisors, Both Canines, Both 1st Pre-Molars, One 2nd Pre-Molar (any side), Both 2nd Molars & Both 3rd Molars. Give a slight mesial tilt to lower 2nd molars on both sides(see email).TOTAL 30 TEETH.

Extracted or ivorine teeth or mix of both (mount ivorine teeth with screw) clean extracted teeth with sodium hypochlorite & water (do not use hydrogen peroxide) mount teeth in dental stone and wax-up the gingiva as instructed, store mountings in water(teeth mounting e-mail will be sent on receipt of payment).

Course Information

Course Fee-23600/-

Fee Includes All Taxes, Hands-On Material, Study Materials, Breakfast, Lunch, Am-Pm Tea/Coffee.

Delegates have to bring 1 airrotor handpiece,1 contrangle handpiece and 6 extracted molars.



A/C NUMBER : 015405005677

ifsc code: icic0000154